thirteen moons make a year

black and white silk waited for me

turn the year, turn, turn

feathers mark my path

this one tells that

thirteen moons make a year

last year, next year and now

not so different after all

look what happened in a day!

turn the year, turn, turn

I never told you that I embroider a little.  I don’t quilt, but since learning the basics of mending, I am tempted to patch together bits of aged and abused cloth into works of rough and rustic beauty. Japanese boro patchwork and sakiori weaving excite me. 

I have been following Jude Hill’s blog, Spirit Cloth, for a few months. She patches and embroiders in ways that I can only dream of doing. Maybe I am dreaming, but I want to combine my textiles in magical ways. I can create my inner vision on paper, and have always dreamed of doing it with cloth. This is the first step.

Best of all, I’m not keeping this square.  It’s for the Magic Feather project, a collection of embroidered feathers that will come together in a project to benefit children. 

Even better is that I am taking a e-workshop with Jude Hill.  Cloth to Cloth.  Weaving with fabric.