Meet the looms – 2

When I saw the Weavettes looms at Rhinebeck in 2002, I was living in a pied-à-terre and really missing my floor loom at home. I thought that weaving these small patches might give me solace. I also thought that I might be able to weave on the train.


Weaving on the train proved to be impractical.  The weaving needle is quite long and so is the warp thread at the beginning of the block. In 2002, people were still very skittish about weapons on transit, so I put aside the idea of weaving on the train, and made a few amulet bags from the blocks I wove at home.

Last week, I bought the 4 x 4 Hazel Rose loom, and am tempted to try again. These blocks look great when the finished object is fulled (felted) vigorously. There is a really cute purse in the January/February 2009 issue of Handwoven magazine. I will use 4 of the rectangular blocks in lieu of 6 square ones, so nothing is wasted. I won’t weave on the train, but I could weave while I’m waiting in the station.

If any reader is interested in trading a 4 x 4 Weavette loom, in very good condition, for this brand new Hazel Rose loom, please let me know. I prefer the light weight and compactness of the Weavette brand, but the Hazel Rose was in stock. The Hazel Rose is a beautiful hand-made loom compared to the Weavette (made in China), but I’m willing to consider it an even trade.


Maker – Buxton Brook Looms

Model – 4 x 6 Weavette, 2 x 4 Weavette

Age – 7 years

Weaving Mode: Continuous warp and weft

Sett: 8epi

Wood – Maple


Hazel Rose

Maker – Hazel Rose Looms

Model – 4 x 4 Multi-loom

Age – just purchased

Weaving Mode: Continuous warp and weft

Sett: 8 epi

Wood – Maple