emerging and evolving

Inbolc has come and gone, leaving me on the path toward spring. Yes, I know it’s only February, and it’s snowing now, but I’m still turning toward the light in of Spring. I enjoyed the traditional cheese and bread on the holiday, well it was a little bit of cheese, mostly the thought of bread, and a large salad. This is the price I pay for being alive. I’ll take it.

Those who follow the old ways seem to spend a lot of time cleaning in preparation for holidays. Spring cleaning is begun! It’s traditional to renew one’s promises to the path and to oneself, it’s traditional to make the robes, or clean the old ones, and my family, goodness knows why, it’s traditional to clean the kitchen waste basket. I’m done all these things, turned out my entire closet and donated a lot of things that I’ll never wear again. I am so tired of baggy black clothing. I had to buy a new pair of yoga pants as mine were inclined to do the downward dog at the most inopportune times. They are electric blue, in keeping with my renewed love of color.

Time in the studio has been a bit short. I still get tired easily, the kind of sudden tired like hitting a wall. One minute I’m fine, the next minute I’ve got to go sleep for 10 hours. Who would have thought the thinking is such hard work, but I do notice it most in challenging situations, like strange roads or crowds, just keeping track of everyday things is exhausting. Still, it’s a good trade. I’ll take being alive for these little quirks make every day life interesting.

What I am doing the studio is threading the tablecloth warp through it first set of heddles. It’ll be done when it’s done.

I wish you happiness as you walk forward towards Spring and remind you as I do every year that you have everything you need for the journey. Underneath the ground, deep enough down that is not frozen, Spring is stirring and the bulbs are starting to awaken and think about pushing upward. It’s hard work, but, oh, the rewards.

To the north, we ask for resilience.
To the east, we acknowledge a new beginning.
To the south, we are reminded of the fires of striving.
To the west, we are nourished by life-giving water.

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