A study in winter’s peace

Most years, I choose a very specific study project for the month of January. This year, I couldn’t come up with one structured thing that I was intent upon learning. I thought I might do a design project, from inspiration to finished project, but most of my drawing supplies are still waiting to be unpacked and it turned out that I wasn’t really in the mood to do anything very structured at all.

What I wanted to do more than anything was work on making my studio the most comfortable and inviting place to work, and also put projects on all the looms. The studio has been functional, mostly unpacked, but not really efficient or cozy. It needs more shelving space, and I need to unpack a few more boxes and banish others to the places where they belong. Making it cozy could be as simple as adding a tiny table next to the hemming chair, so that I can enjoy my tea while I hem.

Making it efficient means getting the warping mill and the winding station in the same general area, and finding a place to store the excessive amount of spinning fiber that I bought a few years ago.

I am going to cheat a bit and put a few of the small but difficult boxes under the bed for now. They’re difficult because they don’t contain any one thing, and what the contain needs to be gone through paper by paper, sorted, tied with pretty ribbons (or handwoven bands?), and labeled. These boxes don’t belong in the studio, but when I lived in The Aerie, the storage for bedroom and studio was combined, and so I have studio things mixed into the ephemera of my life. I bought a stack of three pretty cardboard ‘suitcases’ to use as a side table next to my bedroom chair, and ultimately the things worth keeping will go there.

In the snow-filled peace of winter, I’ve been able to figure out why these boxes have lingered for months past my arrival at Buttonwood, and now I have a rough idea how I can deal with them. That may be more valuable to me right now than any study project.

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