It can only get better

The studio renovation project is in the phase where everything has been ripped out but little has been put back in place. The electrician has installed the new ceiling lights and fan, so that means the scaffolding will come down soon, to be replaced by neat stacks of wide pine floor boards.


Although the wood was grown locally and milled nearby, it has to acclimate to the temperature and humidity of being in the house. At least it already understands the local accent.

To everything there is a season

Turn. Turn. Turn.  I never knew the words in their original context of the Bible. Surely they were ancient and true long before that. I first heard them from Pete Seeger. It was an honor to have known him and his music.

“A time to cast away stones. A time to gather stones together.”

Sometimes you have to tear down a lot before you can rebuild. Shaky foundations will not hold up a strong house. That’s true in love, life and weaving.

This process of unlearning and deconstructing weaving, down to the very bones of plain weave, has been a time of casting away stones. I think I’ve cast away all the false assumptions and senseless rituals of weaving. What really matters is creating a web of threads. Sometimes they need to be smooth and perfectly tensioned.  Other times, not so much. It’s all choice.

Once I finish simplifying and packing, it’s time to start gathering stones together.  Really.