Stuck in the fog

My gypsy cloth seems a bit stuck right now. This is the problem with taking a solo class; there’s no one to bounce ideas off. I could email the instructor, but I’m not stuck on technique. It’s the lack of vision. I don’t know where the piece is going or what it means.

I know that it refuses to be a small purse, my original plan for it. It wants to be part of a banner, but I am having trouble seeing that or having the right fabric for it. Would I continue the same garish palette, flattened to the same muddy tones? Would some contrasts help, like black, white, gray and soft lavender? Maybe that.

See, it does help to talk about it.

Pausing to remember an extraordinary cat

A few hours after I wrote my New Year’s Day post, my beloved Amber cat passed away. She would have turned seventeen later this month. Indigo kitten and I are still adjusting to life without our gentle little brown cat.

Amber was sweet, serious, and she had just enough spice to keep her from being too perfect.  For years, we had a gentle disagreement over the wicker chairs.  She liked to scratch them.  I always cautioned her that ‘nice cats don’t.’ She would look over her shoulder at me, scratching away at one of the chairs the whole time, silently asking, “Who says I’m a nice cat?” I found that incredibly endearing.

I loved her instinctive understanding of what was important to me. Remember this photo? I had just taken this cloth from the loom, and she had to be there, napping, as I hemmed it.

May Bastet protect her and guide her on her journey.

Reflections and ripples in the pond of thought

What if…

What if I did combine handwoven wool and cloth-woven silk? Maybe not these exact pieces, but the contrasts of directionality and scale are exciting.  Meta weaving juxtaposed with weaving…

Depending on the direction that Dreaming Myself Awake takes (that’s the project that’s slowly gathering in my planning basket), I might be able to use the Gypsy Cloth as part of it.

By the way, that’s Indigo Sapphire, my adorable Birman kitten.  She and Amber get along very well, and I am hoping that Amber will explain to her that “Weaver ALWAYS does that fabric thing and there’s no reason to get so excited about it.”  Until then, life moves at kitten speed, with lots of movement and excitement. Everything is a cat toy, including me.