Back to basics

This year’s visit to the NY Sheep and Wool festival was a return to the basics.  Years ago, before online communities like Ravelry created such a whirl of anticipation before the event, the NYS&W was just my annual shopping trip for spinning and weaving.

My shopping list was very short this year. I have not kept up on spinning the fiber I bought the past two years, so I decided to pretend that all my unspun fiber was new and exciting and not buy any more.

  • Pewter buttons for a knitted shrug
  • A Kathryn Alexander knitting project
  • Something new and different

And that’s exactly what I bought.

Spiral pewter buttons from the Rams Horn


The Doo Dad Scarf from Kathryn Alexander

Micro Kate from Golding Fiber Tools. Isn’t that new and different?  It’s a lazy kate for plying spindle spun yarns.

I also bought some Harmony Wood double pointed needles as an extra little treat. They are not artisan made like the products above, so I’ll just mention them and move on.

Yes, I am still weaving the Misted Hills Coat. I wove the better part of a yard today, and maybe, just maybe, I might finish the weaving this week.

I have also been spinning all that wonderful fiber from years past, starting with these Loop Spontaneous Spinning Clouds that I spun yesterday.

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