An inch here, another there

The Misted Hills coat fabric is growing slowly, an inch here, another there. I know the reality of my days.  In winter, the long and cold nights do not inspire me to weave. They leave me completely uninspired. Spring finds me outside, enjoying the mild weather.  Summer and autumn are my best times for weaving. Weaving isn’t hot and sticky like knitting. All I touch is the smooth wooden shuttle. Maybe my fingertips brush gently across the cloth. My loom is an open and airy frame, a good refuge from summer’s heat.

It’s cool and rainy today, another reason to spend time at my loom.  I’ve declared, today is a weaving retreat.

I want to finish this fabric, because my inspiration basket is filling up with yarn for a project that’s still very formless in my mind.

All I know is that the yarn looks like this, the warp may be black, and the fabric is called Dreaming Myself Awake.