Bad advice

One of the worst pieces of weaving advice was given me when my floor loom was new. Let me tell you what it was and why it was such bad advice for me.

I was all excited to have a new loom, and was so eager to explore my loom.  I declared that I was going to put on 10 yards of black warp in plain weave and PLAY!

My erstwhile mentor told me that was the worst thing I could do, and tried to convince me to weave a color gamp first. I simply refused to do that, she then coerced me into picking a project and doing all sorts of wretched math first.  I ended up making a chenille scarf but didn’t really enjoy it.  I felt like the project was done before I started and I never felt present when I sat down at the loom.

Had my mentor understood me better, she would have realized that I wanted play with yarn texture, and mix all sorts of bright colors under the unifying black warp. I didn’t want to create something precise and mechanical. She never looked at me as a person, just as a potential weaver to be molded in her style. She never realized that I usually wear a combination black and bright colors. That I’m not fashionable, but that I  have a strong personal style.

Lately, I have been reading about Saori weaving. Ironically, it often begins with a long black warp in plain weave.  Interesting.

4 thoughts on “Bad advice

  1. Yes,Saori-weaving begins often with a black warp(but any color is good if you want it) in plain weave but after that you are free ,free as can bee.there are no rules so there are no mistakes or errors.You can weave whatever you want as you want.there are some tehnics but only as a guideline you dont have to apply them .Isn’t that all wonderfull and exciting ;there are endless posebility’s to express you own personallity!

  2. Yay Saori. Yes, the Saori looms even come warped up with a 6 yard (metre) black warp on them so you can get right to the weaving.

    Endless possibilities…

    Happy Weaving,

  3. What a shame about your “mentor”.

    I don’t like people telling me something is the right or wrong way to do something. I’m afraid anyone who told me an idea I had was “the worst thing to do” would not be my mentor a moment longer! I just don’t believe anything is black and white like that. Especially craft skills, you’ve got to develop a feel for things and build your own understanding by trying things out.

  4. Fortunately, I came back to weaving and found my own way. I shared this cautionary tale for both mentors and students alike. There is something in weaving for both free spirits and for people who want structure.

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