Meet the looms – 3

As time passes, weaving becomes more about process and less about the technology.  Soon, I’ll be weaving on a simple stick loom, and spinning wool using a rock and a stick.

Journey LoomWait, I do use a simple stick loom.


This is a Journey Loom.  It comes apart into a bundle of seven sticks, and fits in a slender quiver.

This is the loom that I take to the rocks above the sea.

This is the loom where I weave my life.

Picking up the warp of a tapestry loom, thread by thread, is as simple as weaving gets.  Over.  Under. Over. Under. Simple but profound.

Even the yarn is simple. These are colors I dyed years ago, in kettles of natural dyes. The colors of nature all work together in a gentle harmony.  These are the colors of Mother Earth Herself.

When it is this simple, words are not necessary. Let the loom speak for herself.