gypsy cloth

Well, it’s done. My fingers ache from stitching, and I am pleased enough for a first effort.  I had gotten a bit muddled between what was supposed to be tacked and what was supposed to be quilted as the final step, so I made extra work for myself, blind tacking the back in places where I had already quilted the front.  Live and learn.

The moodiness of the colors appeals to me on a cold February night.  Winter might be here, at last, and these colors speak of dark nights and snug caravans.

I thought of adding beads, but that didn’t seem to suit.  What do you think about coins and bells?

More on the Gypsy Cloth

I am enjoying the embellishment.

My straight-llne quilting is still very wobbly, but give me an interesting shape to follow and I have a better chance of creating ripples in the pond. Or lines raked in the gravel. Over the top of this chaotic gypsy cloth, I am making a zen garden, with lines and simple shapes.

Interesting how all the layers of my life come together in this cloth.

Stuck in the fog

My gypsy cloth seems a bit stuck right now. This is the problem with taking a solo class; there’s no one to bounce ideas off. I could email the instructor, but I’m not stuck on technique. It’s the lack of vision. I don’t know where the piece is going or what it means.

I know that it refuses to be a small purse, my original plan for it. It wants to be part of a banner, but I am having trouble seeing that or having the right fabric for it. Would I continue the same garish palette, flattened to the same muddy tones? Would some contrasts help, like black, white, gray and soft lavender? Maybe that.

See, it does help to talk about it.