Going off in odd directions

I’m still spinning thick and thin yarn out of muddy colors, and I have no idea what I will do with it.  My original idea was that it would become part of Dreaming Myself Awake, restful colors between brighter dreams.  I don’t think so. These are not meant to be lucid dreams, set against the background of a greyish-green winter. These are dreams so vivid and self-contained that they linger into wakefulness, that they become real.

That’s the way I see it today.  Tomorrow may be different, because I am changeable like that. Until I sit down at the loom and commit the threads into cloth, everything is subject to change. The muddy thick and thin may speak to me, may have a reason to return.

I just bought two pounds of black walnut dye, and I don’t even like the color brown. I am hoping to figure out how to dye fabric in a splotchy, streaky way, maybe sponging the dye on, or cramming too much fabric into a pot and pouring on the dye. I don’t know where this is headed, but I feel the need to follow it and explore it.

Some mornings, I dump my spent tea leaves on a piece of cloth and let them dry together.

Since I steep my leaves twice, there’s not much dye left in them.

Over time, the cloth takes on a soft and subtle color.


This morning, I sprinkled some of the ground black walnut hulls next to the tea. Hmmm…

If I were home now, I would have bags full of all sorts of weeds and leaves thatI I could use to make color on fabric.

I am also thinking about rust again…