Hand spun and home made

What if…I could spin enough fiber into yarn, and then weave and sew, or knit, most of my clothing and household textiles…

If not today, then soon. Spinning the yarn is the weakest part of the plan. I’m not that fast at spinning fine, plain yarn. Weaving and sewing don’t daunt me.

Since my time is still constrained by work for a few more years, it is going to be a slow transition. Weaving and sewing first, then more and more hand spun. I don’t know if I will ever choose to spin cotton and linen for towels or curtains, but I certainly will weave them.

What do I have so far?

Hand spun and home made:
–three berets

Some hand spun and home made:
–table runner

Home made with purchased yarn
–table runner
–two tote bags
–three pairs of socks
–fingerless gloves
–two shawls
–countless scarves

I can see that I need skirts and tunics. Good. My current weaving project is fabric for a tunic. There’s a fair bit of hand spun in it.

a long time coming

In the morning, the fog recedes, revealing the distant hills in shades of green, gray and soft purple. This is the place I call home.

It has been a long journey, over a year from inspiration…gathering the yarn…spinning some of it myself…warping the loom and weaving, weaving, weaving…getting past the trepidation of making the first cut in the fabric…painstakingly sewing each seam by hand…and now it is done.

I have woven a year of my life into this coat, joys and sorrow, change and awakening, even the seeds of revolution. When I wear this coat, I am fully wrapped in all these memories, especially of the mountains that wait for me at home.


Stormy Seas

Stormy Seas

I started spinning this roving before I left for Rhinebeck, thinking that I would clear out some space for something new. I’m still spinning it. This is the first skein, 65 yards of boucle with various wraps and cocoons. This is Ocean roving from Creatively Dyed, a merino/seacell blend. I plied it with Colrain Lace yarn from Webs, which is a beautiful and sturdy core yarn.