thus and sew

Life is good. I am relearning to type, but still am slow and mistake prone. Really, I’d rather be weaving, sewing or painting. Sewing? Where did that come from? I haven’t made many clothes for at least 10 years. I have this theory that I was more ill before I had the stroke than I realized. I’m certainly more well know I have ever been. I thought that moving to my beloved hills was all I needed, but I also needed to get out of a rut and get out of living in my head so much. I also needed to start listening to my body again. I had become isolated from its needs.

I also chose to loose weight. I knew I couldn’t sustain a healthy diet for its own sake. It’s just too preachy and self-righteous and too much of that makes me want to eat cake. But, I have a streak of vanity, not to mention stubbornness (ya think?) and focusing on getting thin seems to appeal to that, with no self-righteousness. I refuse to demonize any food group, even cake, and I have no patience for fad diets. I believe in beginning as you plan to go on. So, I’m just eating less of everything, and using cake, or in my case, cinnamon buns, as a major major reward. Lose 20 pounds? Give the girl a cinnamon bun! Just a small one. I’ve lost the better part of 60 pounds this way. The cinnamon buns were memorable.

But, back to sewing. I have come back to a love of embroidery and the slow stitching movement. I am making some pieces to work with my Gudrun Sjoden wardrobe, and there are no deadlines or rules. I am smitten with the work of Natalie Chanin of Alabama Chanin, but have to make it my own. Her colors are wrong for me, and some of the design stencils look like they are for draperies rather than clothing. I am keeping the jersey knit, exposed seams, rough stitching and knots on the outside. I am not using as many beads. They don’t go with my Hilltowns lifestyle.

Here’s a small purse I am making to celebrate earth day. The cotton fabric is from my rag bin, a bit of a dyeing mishap. Love the knots on the front.

This bit is a swatch; I am what-iffing my way along. It will be something, someday. I still think the pattern looks like it belongs on the draperies. I won’t use that stencil very much. What I did here was stencil the fabric, pen in some outlines, and then sew inside the motifs. I could cut away the stencilled motifs, as above. Or I could cut away the background, but it makes no sense because the backing fabric is just the same thing.That’s for another swatch, another what-if. And it still looks like draperies.

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