Such a world we live in

Even though I spend much time in my studio on the mountaintop, I am not completely shut off from the world. It’s been poking itself into my consciousness a great deal over the past few weeks, sometimes for good and sometimes in a disquieting way.

I feel that the Supreme Court has done the right things this week. I am slightly less worried about the future of our country.

Affordable Care has survived the latest hurdle. It may not be a perfect law, but it has improved access to medical care for many Americans, so it’s a step in the right direction. There’s plenty of opportunity to improve the law, as long as it continues to increase access for those in need.

The ruling on same-sex marriage brings me joy, because again, it’s extending rights and freedoms to even more people.

Both of these rulings may have come from points of law, but they ultimately come from places of love and support for others. That should be the only law.

The tragic hate crime in South Carolina has opened new dialog on the racist code behind flying the Confederate battle flag. I am saddened that nine people died last week, because of the color of their skin, before this dialogue could begin.

The Confederate flag has always made me uneasy. It flew as a symbol of white, male, conservative, christian privilege. I lived in the South for many years, but as I grew up, I realized how uneasy I was with the prevailing values. I know that love can transcend religious and racial boundaries. I’ve experienced it. And because of this, I also believe that love transcends the ‘traditional’ definitions of marriage.

There’s nothing more liberating than an open heart and an open mind. Take a deep breath, let go of your fears, and say YES to lovingkindness.

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