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The spring textile gatherings have begun. This morning was the student show at Hill Institute in Florence, and two Master Weavers had their body of works on display, in addition to galleries of all the other student handcrafts.

Someday, I would like to begin the Master Weaver program at Hill Institute. It’s a major time commitment, and I just don’t think I can balance it with all the demands of life right now. I want to enjoy it, and learn the most possible from it, rather than rush through it and just squeak by.

There was a benefit raffle for the school, and I was pleased to have won a crocheted shawl. Since I don’t crochet very well, this is a rare treat, indeed.




After visiting Hill Institute, I continued on to WEBS for their tent sale and fiber marketplace. It was a mob scene. I had really gone to WEBS to get a flick carder, but there were none to be had. I looked around the tent sale, but the one table of weaving yarn was rather sad and tired looking. The knitters seemed to have many attractive bargains to choose from. I probably could have found some knitting yarn that was suitable for weaving, but that would have sent a very wrong message to the store. I don’t want to be counted as a knitter and reaffirm their current product mix; I want them to stock more yarn for weavers.
IMG_5545 (1)The fiber marketplace was fun. I didn’t need another fleece or any more dyed fiber. Goodness knows, I have more than enough.

Malea’s Pottery has so many beautiful and useful items. I thought about getting some small bowls, but decided on this collection of handmade porcelain buttons. Won’t they be wonderful on an indigo dyed garment?

Next weekend is the Massachusetts Sheep & Wool Festival in Cummington. I can’t believe it is finally here. I didn’t attend any of the pre-season festivals this year.  My wish list is woefully short: a flick carder, hand turned tapestry bobbins, and more bobbins for my Lendrum Very Fast Flyer. I hope it can be satisfied close to home.

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