the woman in grey and violet

It’s been a while since I thought about her, but the colors I have been weaving brought back the memory of a chance encounter from many years ago.

As an empath, I am hyper-sensitive to the emotional states of others in close proximity. Sometimes it feels like my own thoughts and memories get flooded away by theirs. You can imagine the kinds of thoughts flying around in a broken-down subway car during the morning rush.

Except the woman in grey and violet. She was wearing lagenlook, comfortable, wrinkled linen. She was stunningly beautiful with her tumble of grey curls, minimal makeup, and calm smile. Such a contrast from the aggressive suits and heels that most of the women were wearing.

I smiled back, and let her thoughts wash over me, relaxed, ego-less and practical.

Over the years, I’ve tried to become the person I think she is.

Soon, I will be weaving a figure that represents the wiser self. I think I know who she will look like.

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