OMG, it’s cloth!

IMG_1856_medium2Even though I weave as often as I can, there are these occasional moments of awe when I look at some fabric, wet finished and pressed, and can’t help but squeal, “OMG, it’s cloth!” Much of the process of weaving focuses on the tiniest details, with my attention focused narrowly on the fell line and the actual cloth sneaks up on me unaware.

This pillow, the weaving that I described as three shuttle mania, caught me like that.

Sometimes the most disparate scraps come together better than expected. This was made of a threading from one draft, a treadling from another, and odd bits of thread from the studio.When I put the warp on the loom, making a pillow wasn’t even on my mind.

IMG_1857_medium2The pattern weft is Möbelåtta from Bockens. It’s a glossy, wiry, worsted-spun 8/2 wool that I originally used in my Misted Hills Coat. It takes faith to work with this yarn for the first time. It’s heavily sized, dull, and unpleasant to the touch. It is completely transformed during wet finishing.

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