with a few days remaining in the year

It’s good to look around and see if I can finish any weaving project that’s in progress.  Hmmm. I could hem a towel or two, but that’s about it. Everything that’s on the loom or making its way onto the loom is still going to be a work in progress well into the new year. I’m OK with that. I have all the time in the world.

Walking through the house last Saturday, making sure everything looked tidy before a friend dropped by, I realized that I am making progress toward my desire of having my home filled with handwoven textiles. It brings me joy to have made these things or to have supported other weavers by buying their work.

  • Living room-my block weave table square on the coffee table
  • Dining room-my table runner and napkins from a local weaver
  • Kitchen-my towels, my tablecloth, and a rug from a local weaving guild sale. And let’s not forget my seasonal potholders, woven with loopers on an old-style potholder loom.
  • Library-my lap blanket
  • Guest room-table square by Bev Bowman and rug from a weaver in Sweden
  • Guest bath-my fingertip towels
  • Studio-my color gamp
  • Master bedroom-lap blanket by Lenora Fowler

What’s on the looms right now?

  • Alpaca/bamboo scarf
  • Yardage for a boudoir pillow
  • Yardage for a Saori wool shawl
  • Squares for a cashmere shawl (on the dreaded Weavette loom)
  • A narrow band (maybe a lanyard, or maybe just to tie something)

What comes next?

  • Rugs
  • Placemats and napkins
  • Tea towels

What’s in my dreams?

  • Bath towels and wash cloths
  • Blankets
  • Cushions
  • Curtains

With the cold, bright days of winter coming, I wonder how much of this I will weave before spring?


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