when the mind and the feet move to a different rhythm

I needed a break from the three shuttle mania of the yardage I’m weaving. It’s been a long warp of two and three shuttle work, and I had such an urge to put on wings and fly through a warp, getting the restlessness out of my system before settling down again to the chess game of the yardage.

I chose to weave a scarf, a wisp of colorful alpaca/bamboo that is set at a gauzy 6.5 epc. The treadling is a simple repetition of 1-2…..1-2-3-4…..3-4. That should be easy to weave, right? Well, it depends…at first I was breaking it up into the three phrases I wrote above. It began like someone counting me in to a song. My fIMG_5241eet stumbled over this, especially at the lone 3-4 at the end.

No, this was not a song in four beats. It was a few lines of a familiar poem.

One, two! One, two! And through and through
The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!

Oh how my feet began dance on the treadles when I started thinking of the treadling as


And off I flew.

(This scarf, by the way, is Asymetry from North Light Fibers, in alpaca/bamboo)

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