a hermit’s peace on solstice day

I am taking just a little time to be a hermit today. Snow was falling earlier this morning and I sat at the window, sipping my tea and becoming one with the gentle flakes. This is all the gift that I want or need this season. It’s good to be home.

I have managed to catch up with the season, not by rushing ahead, but by coming to a complete halt and letting the season catch me. The sun appears to stand still at the Solstice, and I am happy to do the same.

IMG_5226Although the coldest and snowiest part of the winter still lies ahead, I take joy in knowing that the days will slowly grow longer.

Welcome to the light!

Blessed Solstice to you!


2 thoughts on “a hermit’s peace on solstice day

  1. I have been to your website before, but today when I ran into it, I saw your photo and knew who is the creator of the site.

    You are very poetic. Lovely sentiments. I have been running as hard as I can to try to “catch the season”, I guess.

    In actuality, I have been trying to turn what was a “library” into a weaving room. I am panicked now that Christmas is almost upon us. The library had 4 double-wide 48″ X 72″ bookcases, and 7 single-wide 36″ X 72″, all filled bottom to top with books. For months I have been sorting and organizing books, then packing up boxes and driving a truckload to volunteers for the San Francisco library. I have just finished the final edit of books, and have about 4 boxes more to add to the tens of boxes in the Suburban, to take to SF Library tomorrow.

    Meanwhile I have started selling the bookcases. It feels like a rush to the finish line. My piano is being moved to the family room Christmas Eve, THEN I will go get a tree. In the meantime, more furniture needs to go out. Whew! I wish Christmas were January 15th.

    Earlier today, before reading this, I was considering coming to a complete halt as soon as my Christmas tree is up and decorated. Then I will enjoy the feelings and thoughts of the holiday season.

    One of my best memories of 2014 is the time I spent with you at Hancock Shaker Village.


  2. Yes, it’s me. I’m not sure if the lyrical tone of these pieces comes from winding a warp or throwing a shuttle, but there’s something very rhythmic about weaving that seems to flow into my thoughts about it.

    I enjoyed your visit to Hancock very much. Do let me know if you plan a return visit to Vavstuga.

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