what it wants to be

As I approach the final yard or so of this 5/2 cotton warp, I think it has finally figured out what it wants to be. The pattern yarn is Bockens 8/2 Möbelåtta wool, dense and smooth. I’ve had this yarn since 2009, when this unexpected visit to Vävstuga set in motion my love of Glimåkra looms. If only I had ordered that little red loom the day I first saw it. It was, of course, a Julia. If you know of anyone who is selling a Julia in the iconic red color, please let me know.


Back to the yardage on my loom. I’m having fun weaving with three shuttles. It doesn’t go quickly, but the cloth makes me happy. I have discovered that I only like monks’ belt with wool pattern yarns. Cotton looks too stranded and unkempt. I don’t like to see the background peeking through the pattern threads. I’m hoping these pattern threads full nicely and create smooth cloth. Long pattern floats can be problematic, but this yardage is for a boudoir pillow. I can’t think of a more coddled and gentle existence than that.

As for me, I am weaving and I am happy. Buttonwood is still very much a work-in-progress, but it is a functional and livable home, and I can work on the small touches a bit at a time, as my instinct leads me. As my focus turns inward with the short days and long nights, I am filled with peace. It’s so much easier to move toward simplicity and mindfulness here. So much of the desperate symbolism had completely drained away from the things that surrounded me for years. Things simply are…things. I have gone from having excess, to having equilibrium, and now am moving toward what evolves beyond that. I think it’s clarity and joy.

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