stop and admire your work

A thoughtful post by Laura Fry on her blog reminded me of some advice I used to offer to my knitting circle.

Stop at the end of the row and admire your work.

It’s a very mindful way to approach your work, and this tiny pause is just enough time to see what you just completed in the context of the previous work. It’s also an amazing way to identify a mistake before you go on several inches beyond it.

In weaving, I don’t always stop after each pick, but I will if the draft is complex or I am weaving the first repeat and checking for threading errors. On something simple, I’ll stop to admire when I have to move the temple or advance the warp.

By setting out to admire the work, you are treating it with respect. Even if you do find something that needs correcting, it’s all done in the spirit of respect for your weaving.

Honorable cloth, you are the fabric of life. My mindful presence acknowledges this.

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