craving September

August is turning into a shaggy, unkempt dog of a month. Was there really a summer this year? It’s often crisp and cool on the mountain, some ten degrees cooler than the valley, and never as humid. I enjoyed the ceiling fans for a week or so, but mostly, I reach for the pile of blankets at night. I am eager for September, with even more crisp weather and with the sense of urgency that it brings. September is time to gather in most of the harvest and turn the focus more resolutely inward. I love the inward journey toward the winter solstice. The fiber arts take on a renewed focus for me at this time of year. Weaving guilds begin their annual cycle of meetings. I walk the path of a schoolgirl again, scuffing in the leaves and eating fresh apples. I rediscover warm sweaters and take delight in sitting at the hearth. This is my season.

There was a time I would have celebrated the long weekend with a studio retreat.  Even though I live in my studio, I think I want to put some intentions together for the weekend and give myself a break from unpacking.

Just for the weekend, I shall

  • put unpacking and routine chores aside
  • be offline
  • design a simple striped band for market basket handles (1″ wide and 120″ long.)
  • dye some linen thread in an indigo vat
  • visit Hancock Shaker Village and draw upon the well of simplicity that permeates the old buildings
  • eat simply prepared, healthful foods
  • take time for reflection and meditation
  • weave

Sounds beautiful, doesn’t it? I could just do these things, but by setting an intention to do them, I am reminded do all this mindfully and with my full attention. After all, I am ushering in my beloved September.





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