still unpacking

IMG_4601Four months into life at Buttonwood, and I am still unpacking in the studio and bedroom. Out of the four boxes I unpacked yesterday, I managed to fill the better part of a donations box. This is the right way to unpack, to acknowledge that our relationship with things changes over time. It is very empowering to release what is no longer important.

The studio is beginning to feel spacious again. It felt that way until the  furniture and equipment arrived. Then, it felt uncomfortably close for a long time, because boxes are overwhelming and ponderous, no matter how large the space.

I am still weaving placemats.  The second one is going quickly, because the Monk’s belt motif is very scattered on this one. Plain weave goes quickly, pattern takes longer.



2 thoughts on “still unpacking

  1. Thank you.

    I fell in love with Buttonwood because of this room. I never want to hurry the passage of time, but I do enjoy contemplating how it will look when the floors have aged to match the color of the pine walls. It will be different, and I think, equally delightful.

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