my clothes dryer is fine, but I should have my head examined

It poured rain all day on Friday, as the fringes of a tropical storm passed by.  I decided to do some woodworking in the basement, and since I was downstairs already, to do a couple of loads of laundry at the same time. The workbench and the laundry are in the same large room in the basement.

The woodworking project was to sand and apply danish oil to a huge wooden button that was destined to hang over my mantle, a visual word-play on Buttonwood. The button came out beautifully. The laundry, not so much.

The laundry came out of the dryer smelling like sooty fuel oil. What was up with that? I didn’t think propane was capable of smelling like that. Was my new dryer not working right?

A quick web search turned up a very accusatory question.  WERE YOU VARNISHING SOMETHING? How did they know? It turns out that running your gas dryer with the scent of varnish in the air creates the stink of burnt varnish fumes on your laundry. Who knew?

I’m just glad I didn’t explode the entire basement. I love the scent of varnish so much that I didn’t think about the dangerous fumes.

Let this be a cautionary tale.

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