glad to be back

That brief interruption was caused by a hacker.  So sad that people would rather destroy than create.

There’s still work to be done here, but the basics are working.

2 thoughts on “glad to be back

  1. Dear readers–things are in worse shape after the hacking than I thought, so I will not be able to moderate any replies or make updates to the blog until the good tech experts do some more work. Thanks for your patience and check back often.

    I have some exciting new photos of the weaving studio to share with you…

  2. Day 3 of this post-hacked state and things are not improving. There is so much security on my site now that it is acting like it has an autoimmune disorder–it thinks everything is an attack. I still cannot post. Thankfully I still can add a comment to this thread. How long will that last? Will it eventually think that even these gentle comments are hostile?

    I really want to show you the reed stand that I made from some very inexpensive IKEA components. It has made my studio much more organized.

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