spin, spin

20140606-114808-42488826.jpgI just realized that Edelweiss kitty and I have something in common when it comes to doing something that we really don’t want to do. Having some companions helps us get through it.

For Edelweiss, she was reluctant to nurse her kittens unless someone kept her company. For me, it’s spinning. I am primarily a social spinner.

I haven’t made any progress on my hand spun since I last wrote about it. I know if I can just convince myself to sit down at the wheel, I will have a bobbin full of yarn in no time. I’ll love the yarn and be proud of it, but I just struggle to set aside the time to do it.  I missed spinning guild this week due to the weather and the arrival of some much anticipated loom parts. Without the companionship of the guild, I didn’t feel much like sitting at my wheel.

Maybe Edelweiss will sit with me while I spin?

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