in the bright light of midsummer

It is good to stop for a minute before and after the solstice, and see if anything feels different. The season of sowing has come to an end, and it is now time to turn the thought towards ripening and eventually reaping. The first fruits are coming into season, and the days of thin, crisp asparagus shoots are coming to an end. This is midsummer.

My relationship with Buttonwood seems to be following a similar path. Today, most of the moving cartons left with a couple I met on Saturday. They will be moving south in the autumn, and their summer harvest will be stacks of neatly piled cartons. I still have lots of boxes, but they aren’t yet empty.

Take all the time you need. I must repeat this as a mantra and heed it like good advice. All the sowing is done. Everything else will follow in its own time.

Things are moving slowly with setting up the countermarch on the Glimakra. It’s OK. Take all the time that you need, right?

Instead, I felt like weaving this kitchen chair seat.


And I have three more to weave for the dining room. I love each of these chairs as individuals, and love the way they come together as a friendly but unmatched set.


Black and tan woven seats will give them a common identity while still preserving their individuality. It’s been too long since I assembled an whimsical assortment of dining chairs and I still need a few more to fill the table.

2 thoughts on “in the bright light of midsummer

  1. I have just come across this site and feel tears pricking my heart and eyes because of its eloquence. I have moved recently and it is my occasional spinning interludes that keep me composed until I weave again. I do have lichen soaking away and it is a daily joy to check it. Certainly having everything in order so that I might weave in peace is much more time consuming than I ever imagined!
    Thank you ‘tromp as writ’ for the calming reflections.

  2. Thank you for your comment. I try to write from the heart, and it’s possible that simple truth has it’s own eloquence.

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