taking stock

One of the joys of unpacking is finding out what I really have. At Sparrow Hill, things were stored very haphazardly in a studio room that I seldom used, and I had the supplies for my current project in the room that I used as a working studio. Here, everything is going in the same studio.

One thing I’ve realized is that I have too much unspun fiber. I won’t buy any more until I can spin my way through what I want to keep, and give away what I no longer want. How much is too much? I have about two footlockers worth of fiber. I think I would be comfortable with one quarter of that.

My weaving yarn is in much better shape. Other than 6 cones of alpaca/silk and mohair, all of which are a bit too hairy for comfort, everything else I have is either for a handful of planned projects, or leftovers from past projects. I guess I am disciplined when it comes to buying cones of yarn, but not so good when it comes to fiber for spinning.

I need to get spinning. Here’s my priority list:

–For the Dreaming cloth I’m working on:
Loop clouds in 3-Ring Circus colorwayIMG_2675
Loop clouds in a bright purple colorwayIMG_2674
Both purchased at Rhinebeck in 2013. At least I’ve already spun and woven the first batch of this from 2012.

–For use in a throw that matches the color scheme in my library:
Tintagel Farms roving in Starry Night colorway
DSC02466Purchased at Rhinebeck in 2009

–To be combined with some other orange and yellow hand-spun for Saori clothing fabric:
18 oz. Party in a Bag from Puckerbrush Farm
DSC02467Also purchased at Rhinebeck in 2009

–For something soft and luscious:
32 oz. Creatively Dyed merino/sea silk in Ocean colorway
DSC02469Also from 2009…

That list tells a story, doesn’t it? In 2009, I was starting to think in color again, finding my way out of the white cocoon that had sheltered me after my mother’s passing. I went a bit overboard on colorful fiber, didn’t I?

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