still casting away…

This time, it’s looms that I am casting away. Mme. Leclerc was never a good fit for me and I am happy to have found her a new home with a kindly weaver. I hope they will be able to form the partnership that I never could find.

Nonetheless, we parted in the way that we always got on, struggling to work together. I really believe that the spinners on the team carried us through the fleece-to-shawl competition. I did not weave my best cloth, struggling with a sticky warp, and never having time to correct a few persistent floats. The shawl came out pretty, coarse, interesting, and sloppy. Maybe that’s how it is supposed to be?


I had no expectations going into the competition, other than to weave a 72-inch shawl and convey my love of weaving to the public. I had a hope that Mme. Leclair would find her forever home. That’s what happened, and I am joyful. That we also won the competition, well, that was a pleasant surprise.

Water flows across the rocks, it’s path shaped by the surface below. At the same time, water shapes the path that it flows across. Being open to new experiences is much like that–we are shaped by the experience as much as we give shape to it.

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