a little math goes a long way

You’ve heard of some of my adventures with math for weavers. Like the 10 yard warp that was actually 14 yards long…or the elusive number of ends in the shawl that I’m weaving right now…168 at first count…then 156…and finally, officially…162.

And then there’s X, that weaselly little variable. I have X yards of that 14 yard warp remaining. Since I only need a small amount of it to finish the patchwork shawl, I am weaving the rest of it for the joy of making cloth, and I’ll decide what it can be when I’m done weaving it.

That absolves me of knowing precisely how much weft I need.  I need Y, more or less.

Maybe this math thing isn’t so bad when you leave the actual numbers out of it.

One thing I do know is that I need 33 yards of weft to weave 5 inches of fabric. Give or take.  More or less.

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