Just because I can

I am living in a house full of unpacked boxes, but all I feel like doing is exploring my Glimakra loom. It’s only natural, after seven weeks of extreme discipline, to be a little bit naughty. I’m not on a deadline now. I am home and will be in this house for years to come. There’s nothing to do but breathe it all in and experience every moment.

So I am playing with the loom while I wait for a small order of parts from Glimakra USA. There’s a bit of coarse white linen warp on the loom, a slubby single that reminds me more of knitting yarn than weaving yarn. Euroflax? Perhaps.

I might be able to eke a placemat out of it, using a coarse unbleached two-ply linen weft, in a humorous reversal of the usual yarn choices for weaving. Oh, let’s make it monks’ belt, just to give it some color and character. I don’t know yet what the pattern yarn will be.

It’s all an experiment, one of these ideas that starts up and keeps going in its own direction. All I can do is grab my shuttle and follow.

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