To everything there is a season

Turn. Turn. Turn.  I never knew the words in their original context of the Bible. Surely they were ancient and true long before that. I first heard them from Pete Seeger. It was an honor to have known him and his music.

“A time to cast away stones. A time to gather stones together.”

Sometimes you have to tear down a lot before you can rebuild. Shaky foundations will not hold up a strong house. That’s true in love, life and weaving.

This process of unlearning and deconstructing weaving, down to the very bones of plain weave, has been a time of casting away stones. I think I’ve cast away all the false assumptions and senseless rituals of weaving. What really matters is creating a web of threads. Sometimes they need to be smooth and perfectly tensioned.  Other times, not so much. It’s all choice.

Once I finish simplifying and packing, it’s time to start gathering stones together.  Really.

2 thoughts on “To everything there is a season

  1. I wish you all the best in your packing up and moving adventure. I don’t envy you however, whew, what a task when it comes to studios to move! I just started following you recently but not to worry, not that there is any reason you would or should, I will look for and enjoy the posts as they come 😀 Will look forward to seeing photos as they become available of your new home and especially your studio…
    Beth P

  2. I like the idea of ” cast [ing] away all the false assumptions and senseless rituals of weaving.” Good luck with moving. I’m not moving, but we are getting ready to remodel the studio. Oh, lordy. 🙂

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