Amusing my inner child


There comes a point where you can only be so grown up for so long. I’ve been productive. I’ve been focused. I even spent all of 2013 being accountable to myself.

I’m simply tired and a little bit giggly underneath my normally calm and serious self. I don’t have the attention span right now to weave on any of my serious projects, and I even feel a small amount of guilt in weaving when I should be packing boxes or hiring contractors to work on the new house and studio.

A humble potholder loom does a lot for a case of the giggles, and does nothing to alarm my conscience. Potholders are fun, quick and somewhat necessary. I like the small size; I have small-ish hands and find that these traditional sized potholders, folded on the bias, protect my fingers completely and can be handled far more deftly than the big black terry potholders that I’ve used for the past thirteen years.

I particularly like the potholder that’s a perfect match for my fiesta ware. I should get some more loopers and make a hot dish pad using four squares.

Let me tell you something about loopers: some of them are really LoOoOoOpY.

Harrisville Designs makes excellent ones that are uniform in size and easy to use. I had a bag of some brand x ones that were all different sizes and weights, with many of them too small to fit the loom.

Do you remember making your first pot holder? I can remember the loom and the fun of weaving, but not much about the finished pot holder. I was probably five years old when I made it. I don’t think I fell in love with weaving that day. THAT didn’t happen until I was a teen, with a backstrap rigid heddle loom.

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