Midnight Snowflake Scarf


Did you think, for a moment, that I was continuing the theme of local artisans by posting the work of another weaver? You will be surprised to know that I wove this scarf.

Somewhere along the14 yard black warp journey, I realized that I had never actually woven the kind of cloth that many hand weavers enjoy making–fancy twill. My original mentor loves this kind of cloth, and there are countless drafts for these designs. It’s never been on my to-do list, but I had an opportunity to weave this in community with an online group of weavers. One of the core principles of Saori weaving is that “we learn from each other.”

This year has been all about change and awakening, of the realization that just a tiny step sideways is all it takes to get out of a rut. Another core principle of Saori weaving is to “look out with eyes that shine.” I don’t think my eyes particularly shine when my nose is wrinkled in distaste. So, I felt like I should try a piece of fancy twill, and knew I had to approach it with an open mind and shining eyes.

I don’t think I could have gotten through the project without the purple stripe running up the side. It provided a living element to what was otherwise static. It was exciting to see the pattern submerge and re-emerge across the stripes.

So, that’s my adventure in fancy twill.  Will I weave it again? Like all the other traditional weaving drafts that I’ve tried, I can see the pattern becoming a part of my vocabulary, a piece of the collage, an occasional patch within a freestyle piece. And that’s enough to make my eyes shine.


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