Living simply, whenever I can

Sometimes I wonder how, as a collage artist and weaver, can I simplify my surroundings? Do I really need so much yarn? Even though I only buy project-specific yarn, there’s always so much left over at the end of a project.

One of these days, I need to dream up a list of projects that will use up what I have, and then, I need to weave them. I need to engage others in helping me weaving down the surplus.

This is less of a question about what I have, and more of a question about who I am and how my values are evolving. I am in good company in New England, where thriftiness and frugality are a way of life. I am learning self-reliance. I’m even learning to cook or at least to cobble together a meal from the grocery store shelves. A year ago, I probably ate 4 or 5 meals at home each week. Now, I eat breakfast at home every day, and several dinners as well. Lunch is still the odd meal, eaten at the office cafe or wherever my weekend days take me.

And how does this relate to weaving?

Each of those dinners at home is likely to be followed by time for weaving. Also, the more I’m home, the more I am interested in weaving things for the home. Needful things. Woven mindfully.




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