Festival season

The wheels of process turn slowly when buying a house. Maybe I am almost there. The final hurdle is Title 5, which is an extensive test of the septic system. I think I would walk away from the deal if it doesn’t pass, but it WILL pass.

While I wait for process to happen, I have been enjoying autumn in the northeast, and have gone to two fiber festivals. Mind you, I don’t need a thing when it comes to yarn, fiber to spin, or tools. But, it’s autumn and I love going to festivals.

First, there was Rhinebeck. Me and 47,000 of my closest textile arts buddies. I’m not used to crowds any more, but I still had a good time, and came home with a small bag of goodies.

  • 2 Jonathan Bosworth weaving shuttles, one in a dusky bird’s eye maple and the other in purpleheart.
  • Indigo and Black spinning clouds from Loop. The black is really black with every color under the sun, called Three Ring Circus. I buy some every year because it is always a little different from the previous year’s version.
  • An Adirondack pack basket, because I always wanted one. Several basket makers had them for sale, but Ellen Hotis made the nicest ones, in my opinion.
  • Three cones of bleached Irish linen 20/1 for weaving. I have some unbleached 40/2 from Webs that will be perfect with it.
  • If I haven’t miss-counted, this was my 25th. visit to the NY Sheep and Wool Festival. It was a perfect day and I had a wonderful time.Yesterday, I went to the Fiber Festival of New England, at the Eastern States Exposition. I didn’t have any expectations for the day. I do not like the Big E location, or their policies against outside food vendors. The festival was quite nice, for an indoor event, and I was pleased to see that there were over 200 vendors this year.

    I looked at all the gorgeous yarn and fiber, and couldn’t resist some rose fiber from Hippie Chix Fiber Art. I also got some sari silk ribbon yarn, for weaving, and a set of antler buttons from Buttons, Strings and Things. The best of all was finding a maple spinning stool from Paul Baynes, at Spunky Eclectic, and also some wool/linen top for spinning.

    This festival will never mean to me what Rhinebeck does, but it is easy to get there and the vendor selection is very good. It has earned a place in my festival calendar.

    I’ll have to tell you later what I wore to this year’s festivals. It deserves a post of its own. But first, a few photos of some pretty things.

    20131103-170112.jpg 20131103-170127.jpg
    Above, from New York Sheep and Wool Festival. Below, from Fiber Festival of New England.
    20131103-170145.jpg 20131103-170158.jpg

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