Bar the door, Charlie, they just keep coming!!

Yes, I have another new loom. This one is a workshop loom, a LeClerc Compact, with 8 shafts. Mme. LeClerc came from a loving home in CT, where she was treated kindly but seldom used for weaving. I think she will be very happy here, in a house where French is spoken.

I never thought I wanted an 8 shaft loom, since I weave so much plain weave. Recently, I’ve taken an interest in some of the block weaves, repp and twill alike, so there’s a reason for having more shafts. These weave structures make sense for household goods, placemats, runners and towels. I’m weaving some rather small and thick towels on the warp which came with the loom.


One thought on “Bar the door, Charlie, they just keep coming!!

  1. I’m so glad that I found your blog. I enjoy your efforts to keep the loom population under control, even while smiling at my own collection. I, too, mostly weave plain weave, although I only have 8 shaft looms. Although, I do the 8 shafts with warp faced weaves and brocade. Oh, heck, I just love them all. 🙂

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