Another one slipped in


I must have left the door open because another loom has arrived to keep me company.

This is a medieval style tape loom from Jonathan Seidel

Yes, I already have a loom that makes bands, but it makes sense to have another, so that I could have both quick and more thoughtful projects going at once. That seems to be a good philosophy for the weaving studio as a whole. Hold thT thought…

3 thoughts on “Another one slipped in

  1. There are so many choices of yarn for the tape loom. I would say that anything that fits in the slots and holes of the heddle is fair game. I have used 10/2, 8/2, 5/2 in cotton, some mercerized and some not. I have also used cottolin and linen. I’ve seen bands woven of fine wool.

    Enjoy weaving your bands, and do share some pictures of your results!

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