Still unpacking

I’m still taking stuff out of boxes and trying to fit it into the new puzzle that is Sparrow Hill, the house that is currently called home. Unpacking is an interesting process when everything was boxed up at lightening speed by a crew of strangers who knew little about the textile arts. A box that was marked as loom parts contained a spinning wheel, and most of the small looms got boxed up generically as art supplies.

I want to do this right, examining everything and deciding whether I still need to keep it. It’s a balancing act between not being wasteful and not being encumbered by stuff. It’s OK to have things if you use them.

I have discovered things that I had long forgotten, like a small pile of silk and linen that I dyed blue with indigo. I am being drawn back to the dye pot, back to working with indigo and madder. I’ve been talking about these dyes again, thinking out loud. “But what about yellow?” asked a friend who has just started dying silk fiber.  I just gestured to the meadow. Yellow is out there.

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