Fulfilling a promise

I’ve been so busy weaving that I forgot to realize that I am fulfilling a promise I made to myself when I first set up my floor loom.

This project, Dreaming myself Awake, is the ten yard black warp that I promised myself in 1985.

Except that it it has a few purple stripes in it. Except that it’s 14 yards long.

Numbers have always been a bit ethereal to me. I have no idea why I’ve believed all these years that my warping board measures a ten yard warp. Maybe because it should. Maybe because when I was a costumer and was buying fabric to have in stock in the studio, I always bought a ten-yard length. Maybe because it’s an easy and comfortable number.

Does it matter?

Not really. The piece of cloth I am weaving was always too long for the garment I have in  mind. Now, its just that much longer. The ten yard promise was just my way of saying a long piece of cloth that could be as many things as it wanted to be. It is beginning as a complex tapestry of more than thirty different yarns. It may end as something completely different.

I think I’ve completed two yards of cloth. There’s much more fun ahead of me.

Keep on with your dreams.———————-

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