black bean dye

Just so we all remember:  the silk was pre-mordanted with alum, 25% wog, heated up and then let to sit overnight. The beans were soaked in water, also overnight. Then, I took the dye off the top of the pot of beans, and let the silk sit in the cold dye over another night.  Rinse and dry.  That’s it.  The pearl grey is unmordanted silk.  Just because I was curious.

5 thoughts on “black bean dye

  1. i have been spending the last hour reading your blog. i am so impressed with your words and your work. your coat turned out to be a work of art.

    i share your love of weaving and stitching. am in jude’s class (all of them) and just discovered your blog.. never enough time for it all

    just wanted to say hi and good work

  2. Am so excited with your blogsite that I hastily associated it with a different Linda for having been the one to send it. So my first comment to you will seem like a total screwball in on board. Excuse, please. Will be following.

  3. Hi Jennie,

    Welcome! I considered the possibility of one Linda and two classes, but not of two Lindas and two classes. lol!

    Sometimes I go far astray from weaving, but it is all fun and textiles

  4. Hi Linda,

    Welcome. As you see, I get further off topic here than on the class blogs, but it’s all related, somehow.

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