I’m having such fun with plant dyes. Sometime soon, I will drive out to the countryside and go searching for local plants to make distinctive leaf prints on the fabric, but at the moment I am playing “what if” with a shelf full of stale teas and tisanes. I am creating abstract designs and learning what works and what doesn’t.

This week’s bundle was colorful and quick and quirky.


The ingredients?

  • Adagio Teas’ Blood Orange Tea, a herbal blend of orange peel, hibiscus flowers and rose hips
  • black walnut hulls, finely ground
  • citric acid, like vinegar, but odorless. I mix three teaspoons in a quart of water.

The result?
Yummy pinks and peaches with brown speckles.


The quirks?
I used too much liquid. My previous bundle had a dry old stick in it, which soaked up a lot of liquid. This one sat soggily in the bag, and started growing mold after a couple of days. I had hoped to keep the bundle going for a week, but I unwrapped in the third day so the mold wouldn’t take over.

One thought on “Tisane

  1. I just realized I never showed you the first bundle. Hopefully I have a half-completed blog entry somewhere. I am so tired of being interupted and never getting back to what I was working on. It’s always for something silly, like a neighbor with a piece of mis-delivered junk mail. Seriously. Leave it on the mat next time.

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