Hapazome for May Day

Hapazome – printing with flowers.  Some call it flower pounding, but that conjures an image that is far from the reality of the gentle taps of the hammer upon a sandwich of card stock, silk and blossom.

I had a thought that I might observe the other May Day today, the one with protest marches and general strikes. In a sense, I am.  Although I am not marching because my back has been in spasms today, I am quietly on strike.  No work for hire, no shopping, no banking.

At best, a day for creativity, time spent in the studio. This is the real May Day, the witches’ one.  Some call it Beltaine. It’s the time to turn away from spring and move toward summer, a subtle shift between sprouting and growing. The rain has washed the pollen dust away, but thoughts of fertility linger on the breeze. What is more fertile than the imagination? What evokes May more than bright annual flowers?

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