delayed gratification

Here’s the post about my first eco-dye bundle. With a title like that, it’s no surprise that I didn’t get around to posting it on time…

On May day I wrapped up a small eco-dye bundle and left it to sit for a week.


I am quite amazed with the rich color effects that come from

  • an old dry stick
  • a piece of rusty steel rod
  • silver needle tea leaves
  • vinegar
  • black walnut hulls
  • the dregs of a cup of black tea.

I shouldn’t be so surprised that rust and tannin combine in a rick, dark color.  I remember creating some genuinely black silk thread from such a combination.

2 thoughts on “delayed gratification

  1. I am somewhat in awe of it myself. Beginner’s luck and a touch of magic. I have a feeling that these bundles just work out however they will.

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