Isn’t Spring the perfect season for preparations?

I am an indifferent housekeeper most of the year, but there’s something about spring cleaning that resonates with me. While cloth ideas are tumbling around in my thoughts, I find the rhythm of cleaning and polishing sends me into that light trance state where my best cloth ideas are born.

Is there enough scrap?  I’m fearful that I may not have enough silk to make something interesting in the next workshop with Jude Hill. It’s going to be a small garment, perhaps using one meter of cloth. I don’t quite know its story yet. What is here that I would honor in a piece of cloth?

  • egret
  • waters of the Sound
  • the scraps of gentleness that I cherish in the midst of harshness

What is in my heart that I would honor in a piece of cloth?

  • the moment. this one. the one they call Now
  • peace
  • stillness

Questions and questions.  Only one picture today.  I don’t know what half of these things really look like.


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