gypsy cloth

Well, it’s done. My fingers ache from stitching, and I am pleased enough for a first effort.  I had gotten a bit muddled between what was supposed to be tacked and what was supposed to be quilted as the final step, so I made extra work for myself, blind tacking the back in places where I had already quilted the front.  Live and learn.

The moodiness of the colors appeals to me on a cold February night.  Winter might be here, at last, and these colors speak of dark nights and snug caravans.

I thought of adding beads, but that didn’t seem to suit.  What do you think about coins and bells?

One thought on “gypsy cloth

  1. Linda Malan just sent me to your website. It is beautiful. Glad to know that you are local (I assume, since you are taking Linda’s workshop) – will hope to meet you

    I vote no beads or buttons – tromp as is.

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