Reflections and ripples in the pond of thought

What if…

What if I did combine handwoven wool and cloth-woven silk? Maybe not these exact pieces, but the contrasts of directionality and scale are exciting.  Meta weaving juxtaposed with weaving…

Depending on the direction that Dreaming Myself Awake takes (that’s the project that’s slowly gathering in my planning basket), I might be able to use the Gypsy Cloth as part of it.

By the way, that’s Indigo Sapphire, my adorable Birman kitten.  She and Amber get along very well, and I am hoping that Amber will explain to her that “Weaver ALWAYS does that fabric thing and there’s no reason to get so excited about it.”  Until then, life moves at kitten speed, with lots of movement and excitement. Everything is a cat toy, including me.

One thought on “Reflections and ripples in the pond of thought

  1. Beautiful work! I’m just learning about Saori (a friend told me about it). I love what you’ve done here.

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