SAORI kai in Manhattan (25 September 2010)

I had the pleasure to attend a SAORI kai (gathering of Saori weavers) at Loop of the Loom in Manhattan on Saturday. One of the precepts of SAORI weaving is that we learn from each other. I learned a great deal from this warm and friendly group of weavers.

Marie Suzaki has just finished an internship at Loop of the Loom, and she presented her collection of clothing and tapestries. Her work is lively and spontaneous, and blurs the lines between clothing and tapestry. Words can’t describe.  Marie’s work speaks eloquently for itself.

Note the tapestry on the wall in most of the photos?  It’s the gown shown in the last photo.

What fascinates me most is seeing the yards of fabric unrolled. A piece may be unified by some common theme of colors or density, but each thread is expressive of the moment at which it was woven.

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